Toy Pianos for Kids  - The Gift That Keeps On Giving
A toy piano would be a fantastic gift for the growing, learning child. Not only is it a charming, miniaturized working piano, it also serves as a fabulous learning tool! If you have ever dreamed that your child might one day learn to play a musical instrument, this would be a good place to start. Made for ages 1 to 8, a variety of these small pianos allow your child to easily learn to play simple piano melodies with corresponding color-coordinated keys for straightforward key memorization and hand-eye coordination. For the more advanced young player, we also offer pianos with standard-sized, non color-coordinated keys, so your child can become used to the realistic feel of the piano. Each piano also comes with it's own miniaturized piano bench.

The toy pianos available come in all makes and models, similar to standard-sized pianos, including baby grand, upright, and spinet miniaturized versions of their big-sister models. The cost varies between the models while still managing to be affordable, and are built to last a lifetime. Although some of the toy pianos have a chime-like, music box tone when played, many of the better models are made with real strings in order to sound like a life-sized piano, and some are even made to automatically tune themselves. That's a plus in comparison to some of the standard-sized pianos, which need to be tuned regularly.


Toy pianos can offer hours and hours of musical fun and play for your child. As they grow, they'll be able to learn the basics of the piano and perhaps want to advance later on in life by taking piano lessons and polishing any newfound talents. Even if their musical interests are not piqued, a toy piano can still provide tons of entertainment for any young child. After all, it is a toy piano, and it doesn't have to be taken quite so seriously. It just so happens that toy pianos allow the chance of musical development while maintaining that "fun" factor for your child. You never know when a toy piano can save you from the horrors of crayon murals on your freshly-painted walls. :)


Having a toy piano around the house can be a really wonderfully pleasing sight by adding a touch of a little something unexpected. These pianos are beautifully crafted and detailed to mimic the sights and sounds of a standard-sized piano, yet they take up only a fraction of the space. A lovely idea for a child's room or playroom. Your child will likely love the idea of having their "own" personal musical instrument, sized for them and ready to play. A toy piano adds a little something to your child's room- the touch of creativity.The toy piano gives your child the opportunity to tap into his or her musical creativity, allowing them to give a little something back by experimenting with music. You never know if your child could become the next Chopin or Mozart, and luckily, with these miniaturized musical instruments, it's never too soon to tell.